The 10 Best (or Worst?) School Teacher Outfits of All Time

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NOTE: This post is mainly for Secondary Ed. teachers. Elementary kids would probably love this stuff!

On the first day of school you really want to make the right impression on your students. You want to look professional, but not unapproachable. You want to look stylish, but you don’t want to be uncomfortable. You want to look cool, but not immature. You want to show that you are excited about your subject matter, but you don’t want them to make fun of you. Or maybe you’re looking for an outfit that says, “I’m old, I’m tired, and I just don’t care anymore!” If you are in this group then these clothing options are for you! Which is your favorite? Comment below!

1. BE the Supplies

teacher outfits_be the supplies 1_Bored Teachersvia cassiestephens.blogspot

teacher outfits_be the supplies 2_Bored Teachersvia Pinterest

teacher outfits_be the supplies 3_Bored Teachers      teacher outfits_be the supplies 4_Bored Teachers

via & Pinterest

You really want kids to get a sense of what they’ll be working with this semester, so don’t hesitate to wear clothes shaped like pencils, scissors and other supplies.

2. BE the Subject You Teach

via Pinterest

via Pinterest


via mytights & Pinterest

via Pinterest

Don’t just show your enthusiasm for your subject matter- reveal your obsession!

3. The School Themed Sweater

via Pinterest

This is a timelessly hip item that students always connect with.

4. The School Themed Vest

via Pinterest

Maybe it’s just too warm out to wear the whole sweater. Thank goodness they have vest options!

5. Denim + Appliques = Perfection

 via spedventures.blogspot

This combo is just the right mix of trendy, mature, stylish and just a bit sexy!

6. Be Cool, but Not Too Cool!

via Pinterest

Everything about this outfit is on point, especially the message on the t-shirt. However, the jeans might be trying just a bit too hard.

7. Tweed Jacket

tweed jacketvia Indiana Jones

It’s hot as balls under it, and no one wants to look at it!

8. Blah on Blah

walter whitevia Breaking Bad

Unless your nickname is Heisenberg, this look is not cool!

9. Anything Miss Bliss Wore

miss bliss

miss bliss 2

miss bliss 3via Saved By the Bell

Remember Miss Bliss from Saved By The Bell? She seemed pretty cool back then but if you take a look now it’s like she shopped in my Grandma’s closet!

10. Any outfit from Annalise Keating in How To Get Away With Murder.


Not only is her style on point, she has mastered the "teacher look".

ANNALISE KEATING 2via How to Get Away With Murder

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