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This Clever Teacher Created the Best April Fools Prank Ever


This Mathematics professor at Biola University in California, Matthew Weathers, has a knack for technology. With his Computer Science degree from USC, he has created the most clever prank using the projector screen and a computer in his classroom, that his students get a kick out of. After watching the video below, you'll see why! 


He also did this shadow prank with his Math class:


If you like the prank so much that you want to try it in your classroom, as well, then watch the video below to see him explain how it's done!

Cover image via YouTube/MDWeathers



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  • Sara on

    One year, I had a particularly rough group of 4th grader. Within the group of 24, about 4 had it together. I received a phone call from a parent of one of the 4 informing me that I was not doing enough to acknowledge her son as an outstanding student. Her suggestion was to give him a pencil everyday that he adhered to the standard school rules.

  • NIcole on

    At the time I was teaching kindergarten. A students with lots of behaviors was in my class. This particular day this students was trying to run away from school and throwing chairs so I to get my students out of the room. We call mom and told her she needed to pick up her son. Her replay, “I don’t have time for this crap it’s my day off.”

  • KAylene on

    Had a couple of preschoolers (boy and girl) exhibiting some rather disturbing oral sexual behaviour. When speaking to the mother of a little girl she said " oh is that all, I thought you were going to tell me she had been biting?"

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