The Life of a Teacher: As Told By Seinfeld

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From 1989 to 1998, the hit comedy show Seinfeld aired on NBC for nine seasons. The acclaimed “show about nothing” is about all the things that people go through on a day to day basis. The show portrayed relatable issues with relationships, friends, family members, and even the workplace. Here is a hilarious compilation of teacher moments as told by Seinfeld. Giddy up!

Teachers as told by Seinfeld Gif "Gggiddy-up"

1. What we look like after a long weekend of grading and watching Netflix:

Teaching as told by Seinfeld_ Elaine Benez crazy hairSometimes after a busy weekend of grading, we don’t realize how much we let ourselves go.

2. When you really have to pee but don’t have time during the day:

Teaching as told by Seinfeld "You'd think just once I could get a break"

George Constanza is all of us when we are distressed at school.


3. When the thermostat is broken in your classroom:

Teaching as told by Seinfeld_ gif man with snow jacket
This is a constant problem in my current classroom. Sometimes my students bring in winter coats, scarves, and blankets to stay warm when the thermostat is acting up.

4. Trying to calm yourself down after a long day:

Teaching as told by Seinfeld_"Oh no I'm fine serenity now"

5. Trying to calm yourself down after a long day... but then reality sits in:

Teaching as told by Seinfeld "Serenity now, insanity later"

6. On a day when I didn’t have to send any students to the office:

Teaching as told by Seinfeld_Man dancing in street

When classroom management goes as planned, it's necessary to rejoice!


7. Attempting to walk in the hallway:

Teaching as told by Seinfeld_Kremer in subway

Kramer in the subway during rush hour is exactly how it feels when we walk in the hallway at school. We are surrounded by a loud, chaotic herd of young people who are in perpetual motion.

8. When you are proud of your new lesson plan:

Teaching as told by Seinfeld_"That's gold, Jerry, gold!"

Working on a lesson plan when the creative edge comes in feels like winning the lottery.

9. Answering the question, “What do you plan to do during vacation?”

Teaching as told by Seinfeld_"Nothing"

10. When students are telling stories in the attempt to get the class off topic:

"Last night I had a dream that a hamburger was eating me" gif_Teaching as told by Seinfeld

Students will do and say anything to distract us to take away class time.

11. When asked about how MAPS testing went during the first semester:

Teaching as told by Seinfeld_"How about it sucked"

Testing doesn’t always go as planned. At least there is time to prepare for next semester.

12. Collecting the receipts for the classroom purchases you made:

George's explosive wallet_Teaching as told by Seinfeld

We need to save all the receipts for tax purposes!

13. Surviving recess duty in Wisconsin:

Teaching as told by Seinfeld_snow ball

Notice that I used the word “surviving” and not “enjoying”. Just the preparation alone putting on snow gear is a time consuming and exhausting process.

14. Passing the music room on the first day of middle school band rehearsal:

Loud mess_Teaching as told by Seinfeld

There is nothing more cringe-worthy than the sounds that are produced on that first day of middle school band. The transformation from the first day of rehearsal to the Christmas concert is beyond miraculous.

15. When you get home at the end of the day and your family asks how you are doing:

"Oh I'm stressed"_Teaching as told by Seinfeld

16. When the school librarian gets savage:

"You get your toilet book out of here. and I won't jump over this counter"_Teaching as told by Seinfeld

Never mess with the books in the library. The librarian will hunt you down.

17. When you discover that a student plagiarized:

"It makes me so mad"_Teaching as told by Seinfeld

Despite the known consequences and numerous reminders, there is always that one essay that seems too good to be true.

18. When a student says that you are his favorite teacher:

"I like the way you think"_Teaching as told by Seinfeld

19. When you realize how many germs are in your classroom:

"Aaaah" face_Teaching as told by Seinfeld


20. When the Language Arts teacher is upset:

"It's outrageous" Teaching as told by Seinfeld
Never mess with the Language Arts teacher.

21. When someone asks, “Would you ever want to be a principal?”

Jerry saying "no"_Teaching as told by Seinfeld
No. Nunca. Never.

22. The day after you grade the tests that none of your students studied for:

"I got a lot of problems with you people"_Teaching as told by SeinfeldAnd still, they always seem surprised about the results.

23. Trying to act cool among the high school kids:

"I am down"_Teaching as told by Seinfeld

24. My response when a student asks, “Can I go to my locker?”

"No"_Teaching as told by Seinfeld

Calm down, Billy. The bell rings in five minutes. You can wait until then.

25. When they ask for extra credit on the last day of the semester:

"You're pushing your luck, little man"_Teaching as told by Seinfeld

Sorry dude, I guess you just have to study for your final exams.

26) First-time substitute teaching for gym class:

Tennis balls in the head_Teaching as told by SeinfeldSo many injuries occur during gym class. Teaching gym is not as easy as it seems!

27) When you discover how big your class size will be next year:

OMG face_Teaching as told by SeinfeldThis was my reaction at the beginning of this school year. The class size numbers were rising so much that they kept bringing new furniture in my classroom. We eventually ran out of desks.

28) When students threaten that they are going to complain to their parents about you:

Give me a break face_Teaching as told by Seinfeld

Students will say anything to get out of following directions. Luckily, I have heard all of the excuses before so I stay firm and unimpressed.

29. Celebrating the end of the school year with your co-workers:

Over excited_Teaching as told by Seinfeld

Congratulations! You made it through another school year!


Author imageThis article was written by Corrie Christiaansen. Corrie is a theology teacher in the beautiful state of Wisconsin. She is currently on medical leave but she is looking forward to recovery soon so she can focus on being a positive role model for young people. Follow her on social media: @Corrie137.


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  • John Zihla

    I’m an older guy….still watch it all the time. One car guy to another…. thanks for the laughs!

  • Jan

    Seinfeld is my all-time favorite show! You did a great job with this! I really enjoyed it!

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