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Teacher's Awesome Routine Gets Students Ready to Learn

An elementary teacher in Tennessee, Bethany Humphrey has turned her classroom into a place where students don't just sit at their desks and listen to the teacher lecture. They get up on their feet, sing at the top of their lungs, and dance like no one's watching, to her amazing musical routines. She takes popular songs and changes the lyrics to fit her classroom activities. 


Check her out with her class, doing their morning "Getting Ready to Learn" routine:


The remix was so popular, it was featured on several news stations, and used by other teachers. For example, Heather Finch, a second grade teacher at St. John Catholic school, motivates her class in the same style!

Y'all @heatherfinch1's class has it going on! Love watching these kiddos get down to our morning song! #choose901

A video posted by Bethany Humphrey (@teachingandsofourth) on


But Mrs. Humphrey doesn't stop with just the morning motivation. She creates other songs and dances for her Math lessons...


And her reading lessons...


You can find the instrumentals and lyrics to Mrs. Humphrey's awesome remixes on her blog: Teaching and So Fourth.

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  • Carrie on

    I know a teacher that does cosmic yoga with her four year olds.

  • Gwen on

    You are doing a fantastic job! Keep it going, your kids are not going to forget you. Retired from teaching for 32 years. They won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. And you obviously care.

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