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Teacher Gives Students The Most Important Lesson in Life

Jeffrey Wright is a high school physics teacher in Louisville, Kentucky, popular among his students for having the most interesting class in the school. He keeps students engaged with unconventional science experiments, which include exploding pumpkins, lighting fireballs in the bare palm of his hand, and making homemade hovercrafts.

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But above all the fireballs and exciting physics lessons, Mr. Wright treats his students differently than most teachers. He doesn't believe in the one-size-fits-all style of teaching. He believes in life lessons over text book lessons. So every year, he gives his class a lecture about his son and the meaning of life and love.

“When you start talking about physics, you start to wonder, ‘What is the purpose of it all?’ ” he said in an interview. “Kids started coming to me and asking me those ultimate questions. I wanted them to look at their life in a little different way — as opposed to just through the laws of physics — and give themselves more purpose in life.”


Check out this short documentary titled "Wright's Law", made by one of his previous students - Zack Conkle - to see why all students love Mr. Wright. See how he leaves long-lasting impressions on his students with the story of his son, who was born with a rare disorder called Joubert Syndrome. You might want to keep a tissue box close by...


“There is something a lot greater than energy. There’s something a lot greater than entropy. What’s the greatest thing? Love. That’s what makes the ‘why’ we exist. In this great big universe, we have all those stars. Who cares? Well, somebody cares. Somebody cares about you a lot. As long as we care about each other, that’s where we go from here.”

Wait a sec... does anyone else see the striking similarities in stories here?breaking bad wink


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