These 2 Teenagers Wrote a Song Against Bullying That'll Bring You to Tears

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The young UK duo, Bars and Melody, stole the judges' hearts on Britain’s Got Talent back in 2014, with a song protesting against bullying.

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The song brought the crowd to their feet and tears to their eyes, with their emotional lyrics that tell of the hardship faced in school by bullies:


Please help me God, I feel so alone
I'm just a kid, I can't take it on my own
I've cried so many tears,
Yeah, writing this song
Trying to fit in, where do I belong?

I wake up every day, don't wanna leave my home
My mamma's askin' me why I'm always alone
Too scared to say, too scared to holler
I'm walking to school with sweat around my collar

I'm just a kid, I don't want no stress
My nerves are bad, my life's a mess
The names you call me, they hurt real bad
I want to tell my Mom but
She's havin' trouble with my Dad

I feel so trapped there's nowhere to turn
Come to school
Don't wanna fight I wanna learn

So please mister Bully
Tell me what I've done
You know I have no Dad
I'm livin' with my Mom

'Cause I'm hopeful, yes I am
Hopeful for today
Take this music and use it
Let it take you away

And be hopeful, hopeful
And He'll make a way
I know it ain't easy but that's okay
Just be hopeful

Since the video of the their appearance on the show was published on YouTube three years ago, it's received over 185 MILLION views!

Watch it for yourself here:


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