This Award-Winning Short Film is Spot On With the Struggle Every Teacher Faces

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Producer Benjamin Wiessner and his film production team spent months talking with teachers across the country and researching some of the biggest issues on their minds. They crafted a parent-teacher conference night gone wrong for a short film that has played at major film festivals around the world. The directors have won awards from Sundance and SxSw. 

"We created this film so that it could help build more conversations on what we need to be doing next in the American education system," Ben Wiessner told Bored Teachers.


They recently shared the short film with Bored Teachers to present to our audience, and boy, are you in for one heck of a show! Taking you from belly laugh eruptions, to tears and heartbreak, this short film portrays the horrors a teacher faces in a classroom full of selfish, complaining parents. It truly depicts the struggle teachers deal with, and the lack of respect they receive, no matter how much care and effort they give.

So put down your red pen, grab your Diet Coke, or tea, and popcorn, and enjoy the award-winning Parent Teacher...


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  • Basement Cat

    Too often it’s “What can Baby Dumpling do to bring up his grade?”
    Just once I’d like to hear, “How can my child become a better student.”

  • Presley

    It’s a sad truth but at the district I am currently at last year I had one parent show up to meet the teacher out of 18 students total in my class. Where’s the video about parents who act like they care when they complain to the principal about teachers, but neglect and abuse their child at home.

  • B14

    This year my team has beeen dealing with a parent like this. It has been so frustrating. She wants us to make it so easy for her kid that the only thing he’s has to be responsible for is breathing…but we may have to jump in and help him with that as well. She continually accuses us of not doing our job but fails to realize her son isn’t even attempting to do his job as a student. I’m glad most parents aren’t like this.

  • Anna Buenaventura

    Wow! Thank you. This film made me cry as I have pretty much experienced everything the teacher went through. I am thankful though for those parents who were understanding and respectful of me as their child’s teacher. Not sure though about the right thing to say about those parents who treated me like dirt… It’s just, yeah…very emotional.

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