11 Rooms Every School Building Should Have For Teachers

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Andy McCall author This article was written by Andy McCall. Andy is in his 9th year teaching, and does everything to honor his little girl, Penelope, who passed last year. He is the author of the new book: Pig & Steel. Check him out on his Blog.

Imagine unlimited BEP money and a spare room across the hall. “I wish we had…” is a usual statement heard around the lunch table as we're inhaling today’s low-carb chicken choice from the cafeteria. Yes, motivated children, more time, helpful parents, and no administrators telling us how to run our classroom would be the pinnacle, but I’m talking about those creature comforts that would make our job a whole lot easier.

Check out these 11 rooms that all schools should have for teachers:

1. Coffee Room

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Not the one we have with a barely functioning auto-drip. I'm talking about a full-time barista with that perfect smile, who hands you your favorite cup at the perfect temperature while saying: “This one is on the house.

2. Demolition Room

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You know, one of those rooms that gives you a baseball bat or sledge hammer, and lets you just demolish everything inside. Talk about stress relief.

3. Lounge Room

I’m not talking about that blue chair somebody brought from their grandmother’s house. I’m talking full on couches and recliners with built in foot massagers that you don’t even have to pay for like at the mall. Just soft seats and not a student in sight.

4. Pinterest room

Everything you need for all those pins in one place. Fully stocked, nothing left out. Even that perfect teacher with all her picture-perfect ideas stops by once a week to see if you need any help. 

5. Massage Room

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A standing appointment with a Swedish masseuse during your planning would just melt those cares of diagramming sentences away, with a touch of hot stones.

6. Supply Room  

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Everything is here, all the time, exactly where it is supposed to be. Everything you need for every project and assignment is here and readily available, never out of stock or stuck to something else. It’s like the mecca of back-to-school shopping, yet there are no lines or WWF moves needed to score that pack of pencils.

7. Tech Room

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Need a computer that works? Grab it. Need another iPad after Johnny drops a whole bottle of glue on it? Boom there it is. Have a question? Look no further, your personal IT man is right there waiting to fix it.

8. Meditation/Yoga Room

In other words, a room that is completely silent. ALL THE TIME. Not the most flexible or spiritual of people? Don't worry, you don't have to assume the downward facing dog position, or sit Indian-style while pinching your fingers. In this room, there are no bells, no screaming kids, no one saying your name, no fire alarms, no screeching chairs, no pencil sharpeners, just some sweet old silence. This room is a teacher's oasis to find some mental peace in the midst of the daily chaos.

9. Swearing Room

rooms every school needs_Bored Teachers 9

Just in case meditation doesn't release enough stress, you can pop into this room and let the rest of it out. With sound proof walls and individual cabins, you can just walk across the hall and scream as loud as you want, whenever you want (or need).

10. Assistant Room

rooms every school needs_Bored Teachers 10

Just drop it off and magically there are 19 copies, perfectly stapled and in order.  The bulletin board you needed done is perfect and already on the wall. Johnny was out and needs to take his test? Just take him and the assistant sits with him, answers any questions, grades it, and hand delivers it back to you. Take me now!!!

11. Puppy Room

I mean, who doesn’t want to sit on the floor and instead of saying, “Stop touching him" and "Quit that!” in a hateful tone, you are now laughing in a high pitched giggling voice saying, “Stop it, I don’t need any more snuggles or kisses!!

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