18 Tweets Praising Jason Seaman For the True Hero & Legendary Teacher He Is

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Teachers are not trained law enforcement officers. Some may be ex-military, but the large majority aren't. The large majority had no idea they'd ever be in the situation that has become almost a weekly occurrence in 2018. According to an article by the Washington Post:

"More people have been killed at schools this year than have been killed while deployed as members of the military."

No one expects teachers to risk their lives to disarm a disturbed adolescent with the intention to mass murder their classmates. And even though most teachers would do anything to protect their students, instincts take over in the middle of a crisis. When someone starts shooting inside a school, most teachers would have the instinct to hide their students behind desks, lock the door, and/or evacuate the building, following school lockdown instructions. But not all teachers. 

Jason Seaman, a seventh grade science teacher and football coach at Noblesville West Middle School in Indiana, had no instinct to hide behind a desk when one of his students walked into the classroom with 2 handguns, opening fire on him and his kids. Instead, he hurled a basketball at the armed student, and then bum rushed the 17-year-old to the ground, taking 3 bullets in the process — one in the hip, one in the forearm, and one in the abdomen. Talk about BRAVERY. Talk about living up to your promise to take a bullet to protect your students. Mr. Seaman took three.



According to a Facebook status update from his mother, Jason is stable and recovering:


He deserves all the praise and honor that the world is showing, and WAY MORE! Here are a few tweets from students and supporters, honoring this lionhearted teacher, one day after his valiant act of heroism.


























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