This Heartfelt Thank You Letter From a Tired Teacher-Mom Will Make Your Day!

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We received this awesome letter from Alyssa Schoonover, a wife, mother of 3 boys, and a preschool teacher, who just wanted to share a thank you to the teachers out there for all that they do during this tough time of year. 

"Teaching is not a job. It's a passion.


Dear Teachers & Parents,


Maybe it is the society we live in or maybe it is the area I live in, but as a parent, Teacher Appreciation Week is my favorite time of year. During this week, you get to remind your children’s teachers how wonderful they are. Whether it is a homemade thank you card, a small bouquet of flowers, a gift certificate or even a pen, it is the thought that truly counts. Even if you personally do not agree with them on a particular topic or modality of teaching, they are still helping to make YOUR child a better human being. They show your child love when your child cries, build confidence in your child when you are not there.



As a teacher, it also is the most upsetting time of year. We spend 180 days with our students. Holding them tight when they cry, congratulating them on their accomplishments, both big and small (for example, as a Pre K teacher - closing the door when using the potty is huge!). We work each day to build confidence, teach our students to be a good person and make good choices in a world where it is so hard to do that. We are not just a babysitter - we love our students. We think of them when we are not with them at school and will do so for years and years to come.


As a teacher, I am grateful for the amazing PTOs who acknowledge this week, but it is sad that in our society, there are several parents who do not do the same. It is not just the responsibility of the teacher to teach the children, to give love and respect. It is the responsibility of parents, too. And as a teacher it's sad not to have parents feel the same way. Teaching is not a job. It's a passion.




I'm sorry for all the teachers out there who were not recognized by their students and/or students' parents this week (or at sometime during this school year).

As a parent who is a teacher, I thank you. Teaching is not easy. You are doing amazing and I personally thank you for building those blocks to make my children and all the children to come into your classroom better human beings.


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