This Floor Stops People From Running in Halls and Schools Need it So Bad

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author image_Adam HThis article was written by Adam Hatch - UC Berkeley graduate, son of a teacher, brother of a teacher, and a teacher himself. 

Via: Duncan Cook

Yes, this floor is flat!

Originally reported by Insider, Casa Ceramica, a Manchester UK tile company, installed this amazing design to discourage running in their hallways. Teachers everywhere cheered and begged principals to redo classrooms and hallways across the country.



The illusion only works one way - when entering the building - so schools might consider reversing it to keep students from running on their way out to recess or when the final bell of the day rings.

While Casa Ceramica has done a wonderful job in slowing erstwhile runners, they aren’t the first company to use floors with an optical illusion.



French retailer La FNAC features carpets with similar designs.

This Company Installed a Floor to Stop People Running in Halls and Schools Need it So BadAre shoppers in France more liable to run around the store or something?

We’re not sure if these companies are throwing customers for a loop just for fun or for speed control, but we think designers could install both the carpets and the tile pattern in schools and reduce injuries and teacher stress by 1000%.

What do you think? Do you wish your school had floors like these? Or would they make you woozy? Let us know in the comments.


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  • ScienceTeacher02

    This optical illusion floor reminds me of the “Haunted Shack” at Knotts Berry Farm where the whole place has strange tilts causing balls to roll themselves upward and water coming out of faucets to pour up. With little, primary graders, such optical illusions could creep them out. They’re still in that age of believing in magic – - good and bad. With older graders, especially middle schoolers, they look for tricks in life. They study physical science. Such a floor would be costly but awesome to put in a school. In California and other such temperate climates, however, the “halls” are all outside. Just not doable or justifiable with their budgets, in my opinion.

  • Rebecca

    Don’t give a flyin’ fig! Great floor, great idea, and I’m a just- retired teacher. LOVE IT!

  • John Lewis

    As an old guy with balance issues and neuropathy, just looking at photos of these floors is enough to make me sick! I don’t mind schools so much, but bookstores would be a serious loss to me.

  • Roy

    Actually you would be leaving your school or business wide open for a massive and major lawsuit if you installed a floor of this nature because it can very easily trigger vertigo in people with vestibular disorders and could possibly cause problems with other neurological disorders as well as some visual disorders which any and all of could lead to injuries not just for the person experiencing the problem but for anyone in the vicinity when the problem occurs.

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