19 Ideas To Have The Coolest-Looking Classroom In School

19 Ideas To Have The Coolest-Looking Classroom In School

Spice up your classroom decor with some of these fun and easy projects. You can even get the students involved on an arts & crafts day. Group them up to turn it into a team-building exercise!

1. Paint old wooden stools into story cover seats

DIY classroom bored teachers 1via IMGUR, STEVEISLESTCL

2. Take the ceiling tiles down and turn them into an art gallery (if the fire marshal allows it, of course!)

DIY classroom bored teachers 2via IMGUR, CHRISTINE227

In case the principal says no, you can still use wrapping paper!

3. Paint cabinet doors with chalkboard paint

DIY classroom bored teachers 3via FLICKR, REGAN76

4. Paint a cool mural on paper, and stick it to your ugly classroom door (again, you might want to check with the fire marshal first!)

DIY classroom bored teachers 4via IMGUR, MISO_SOOP

5. Use spray paint to give some fun colors to your office supplies

DIY classroom bored teachers 5via @SONYESQUIVEL77 ON INSTAGRAM

6. Glue decorative contact paper to old shelves

DIY classroom bored teachers 6via @KCONELY ON INSTAGRAM

7. Get this adorable travel mugs to go on your desk or carry around the classroom while you teach!

tomorrow's leaders mug_Bored Teachers

Find it HERE!

8. Throw some tennis balls on the chairs and spare yourself some headaches!

9. Got some old books? Make an awesome bench you can actually sit on...

DIY classroom bored teachers 9via IMGUR, WHYNOTDAN

It's more stable than it looks.. See the full instructions here on how to build it.

10. Make some post-it note murals in the windows

DIY classroom bored teachers 11via IMGUR, USA_ARSENAL

11. Make a "no name" paper display!

12. Glue crayons to a canvas and melt them with a hair dryer to create some abstract art pieces

DIY classroom bored teachers 14via @OLIVEVERLY ON INSTAGRAM

13. Jazz up your pencil cup holder

DIY classroom bored teachers 15via @LARMOURFARMER ON INSTAGRAM

14. Make your clothespins fancier for hanging things


15. Put a bunch of adjectives & nouns on depressor sticks to make choosing team names more fun!

DIY classroom bored teachers 17via @FOURTHGRADELEMONADE ON INSTAGRAM

16. Just because it's a whiteboard, doesn't mean is has to stay all white and boring, spice it up with some contact paper and stencils

DIY classroom bored teachers 18via @LARMOURFARMER ON INSTAGRAM

17. Turn an old plain table into a colourful whiteboard table

DIY classroom bored teachers 18


18. Make decorative and clear labels to keep your supplies holders nice and neat

DIY classroom bored teachers 20


19. Create these awesome hanging decorations from scrap paper:



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  • Cherry-Ann

    Wow!!!! These are great ideas.

  • Jeanette Hildwine

    I bought inexpensive kites and hung them from the ceiling to cheer up the place.

  • Arlene

    Love the ideas.

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