18 Harry Potter-Themed Classrooms That'll Blow You Away

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Anyone who's ever read the Harry Potter books understands the wonder behind the Hogwarts craze. These 18 teachers went to all lengths of the wizard world to decorate their classrooms with a Harry Potter theme that has surely blown their students' minds, and will spark your mind full of ideas to make your classroom look just as awesome. Enjoy!

1. Ms. Diaz' Classroom

A post shared by Ms. Diaz (@giftedteacher305) on

A post shared by Ms. Diaz (@giftedteacher305) on

A post shared by Ms. Diaz (@giftedteacher305) on

2. This magical classroom in Murcia, Spain

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3. Enter the mysterious world of Harry Potter with this illusional classroom door!

Harry Potter Classroom9_Bored TeachersVia: Pinterest

4. "There's nothing hidden in your head the Sorting Hat can't see"

5. Azkaban Cell Phone Prison

6. At Liberty Elementary School, students are being sorted into "houses" à la Harry Potter!

7. Wand-erful Work Display

Harry Potter Classroom14_Bored TeachersVia: Pinterest

8. This perfect teacher desk corner

Harry Potter Themed Classroom_Bored TeachersVia: Pinterest

9. Sneak peak into Miss K's Harry Potter classroom

Our comfy rug. #harrypotterclassrom #iteachfifth #hpobsessed #teachersofinstagram

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10. Seño Berta's classroom is "muy especial"

11. This door from Lea Michelle's classroom

A post shared by Lea Michelle (@iteachitall) on

12. "Every great wizard in history has started out as nothing more than what we are now, students."

Harry Potter Classroom1_Bored TeachersVia: Pinterest

13. Quidditch Writing Goals

Harry Potter Classroom3_Bored TeachersVia: Pinterest

14. Kyle Hubler's classroom, which went viral about a month ago, for obvious reasons. Check it out here for a full virtual tour.

Harry Potter Classroom4_Bored TeachersVia: Bored Teachers

Harry Potter Classroom5_Bored TeachersVia: Bored Teachers

Harry Potter Classroom6_Bored TeachersVia: Bored Teachers

15. Harry Potter classroom door: sorting hat made from painted paper!

Harry Potter Classroom8_Bored TeachersVia: Pinterest

16. This 6th Grade Language Arts teacher's classroom

17. The perfect house points rules

Harry Potter Classroom11_Bored TeachersVia: Pinterest

18. Mrs. D's Classroom! Take the full tour here!

Harry Potter12_Bored TeachersVia: Mischief Managed

Harry Potter Clasrroom13_Bored TeachersVia: Mischief managed

Have you decorated your classroom with an awesome theme? Send in your photos to info@boredteachers.com for a chance to be featured!

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