19 Kids That Are Sure to Be On Your Class List This School Year

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author initials_SMThis article was written by a guest blogger, teacher, wife, mom of one, and is going into her 11th year teaching 4th grade. Her belief is that successful teaching is based solely on building relationships with her students.... but also Sonic drinks and a sense of humor.

Every year. Anticipate. Laminate. Wait for the day. Class list day. Investigate. Did you go to school with their parents? Maybe. Did you teach their siblings? Probably. These kids will be your kids for the next 36 weeks, for better or worse. Every year you wonder and agonize about what names will appear on that magical day schedules are posted... let me spare you. Each year, with a little variation, your class list will be as follows:

1. The kid who inexplicably has red ink all over him. All the time.

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Does he sweat red ink out his pores? He doesn't even have a red pen to grade with. But the ink. It's everywhere.

2. The Underdog — Bad home life. Reading difficulty. Language barrier. Speech impediment. No friends.

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SOMETHING will make you root for this kid. You'll buy him/her school supplies, Christmas presents,  tutor at every chance, talk about and pray for your underdog. This one you will check up on in the coming years and hope to hear good things. 

3. The kid who cuts everything into tiny pieces.  Paper. Crayons. Rulers. Decimated.

scissor kid_class list_Bored Teachers

Occasionally, this is the same kid as kid #1. Double threat.

4. The invisible child.  

invisible child_class list_Bored Teachers

You'll find yourself saying things like "Do I even teach a kid named Michael?" This kid is so average, middle of the road, ordinary that they literally are invisible to you.

5. The helper. Your right hand.

teacher's pet_class list_Bored Teachers

Some may refer to him/her as teacher's pet. Whatevs--she's great at passing out papers.

6. The "tries-too-hard-to-be-a-helper" kid.

wanna be helper kid_class list_Bored Teachers

No, I don't need you to pass out papers. I just need you to sit down.

7. The comedian.

This kid is hilarious but mostly just to you. Usually a boy, he gets away with much more than his peers because OMG, that WAS funny. Usually dry, witty, sarcastic and pretty much over the other kids and their shenanigans. Wait,  are you the comedian?

8. The class clown.

class clown kid_class list_Bored Teachers

Different than the comedian in that the kids think he's funnyish but you do not. At. All.

9. The quirky kid.

quirky kid_class list_Bored Teachers

Maybe he does a weird shaking thing when he's mad. Digs for gold until his nose bleeds. Collects all broken pencils from the floor and keeps them as "pets." Something is off.

10. The know-it-all.

know it all_class list_Bored Teachers

Yes, I DO know that Pluto is a dwarf planet. Thanks for the info. In the middle of my reading lesson.

11. The Cray. Just cray.

cray kid_class list_Bored Teachers

Become friends with the school psychologist.

12. The Reader.

reader kid_class list_Bored Teachers

Please put that book down while you're: walking downstairs,  learning long division, eating lunch, in the restroom. You read, we get it.

13. The Sticky/Stinky Desk Kid.

stinky kid_class list_Bored Teachers

What is that smell/sticky stuff everywhere? Rotten snacks. Glue. Smoke soaked backpack.

14. Toots Magee.  

fart kid_class list_Bored Teachers

What is this kid eating? Broccoli? Every meal?

15. The Hugger/Shoulder Rub Kid.

hugging kid_class list_Bored Teachers

Love ya sweetie, but even my husband gives it a rest sometimes.

16.  The Inappropriate commenter.

inappropriate kid_class list_Bored Teachers

Sometimes this kid does it on purpose, "You look constipated when you make that face." Some years it's just an innocent kid explaining pregnancy to a class of 4th graders.

17. The "I don't get it" kid.

don't get it kid_class list_Bored Teachers

They don't get it. Ever.

18. The Tattler. Is this a tattle?

tattle tale_class list_Bored Teachers

19. The ADHD poster child.

crazy kid_class list_Bored Teachers

Common signs-- animal noises, "Oh, I forgot to go to the nurse," finger guns, wild eyes.

Don't act like you don't have a name and face for all of them. And you love them all. Except that one. There's always that one.


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