15 Emotions That ONLY Teachers Can Truly Understand

15 Emotions That ONLY Teachers Can Truly Understand
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Here's one for all of us teachers who spend our lives educating others and never get the respect we deserve for all the important work we do. Hopefully, you're enjoying your weekend and get a good laugh from this hilarious listicle of classic emotions that only teachers can truly relate to…

1. When someone says teaching is an easy job…

bored teachers emotions

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2. The moment that all students leave the classroom at the end of the day…

bored teachers emotions 2

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3. When students ask dumb questions and you lose faith in the future of humanity…

bored teachers emotions 3

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4. Attending weekly faculty meetings…

bored teachers emotions 4

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5. When a student actually answers his/her phone in the middle of class…

bored teachers emotions 5

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6. The first morning back from any break or weekend… 

bored teachers emotions 6

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7. When a parent says something ignorant during a parent-teacher meeting...

bored teachers emotions 7

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8. When a student asks a question you don’t know the answer to…

bored teachers emotions 8

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9. When a student tries to make fun of you in class…

bored teachers emotions 2

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10. When a student “friends” you on Facebook…

bored teachers emotions 10

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11. Morning after you go out on a school night…

bored teachers emotions 11

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12. What you’d like to do when your class is not listening…

emotions 12 bored teachers

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13. When you're sick, but still have to go to work and teach...

emotions 13 bored teachers

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14. Going home and having a glass of wine after a long day of shouting and being on your feet...

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15. When you realize how much a student improved at the end of the year and all the emotions come pouring out…

emotions 14 bored teachers

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