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7 Hilarious Jimmy Fallon-Style "Thank You" Notes From Teachers

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This article was written by a guest blogger, teacher, wife, and mom of one, who is going into her 11th year teaching 4th grade. Her belief is that successful teaching is based solely on building relationships with her students.... but also Sonic drinks and a sense of humor.

Thank you, Jimmy Fallon, for making it impossible to say "Thank You" without that intonation, and imagining lifting a pen in the air. 

"James, can I get some thank you note writing music?"

1. Thank you, stomach bug during the first six weeks of school...

 Thank you notes from teachers_Bored Teachers 1

Not only are you punctual and very proficient (dare I say distinguished?) at your job, you are also an equal opportunity virus, making sure to touch base with all campuses, students and staff alike, regardless of race, religion and socio-economic factors. You truly are the constant in an otherwise changing world. 

2. Thank you, admin...

Thank you notes from teachers_Bored Teachers 2

...for "randomly" placing every child with discipline problems, head lice, failing test scores and flatulence into my class this year. I'm not sure what I did last spring to deserve the honor, but navigating these land mines makes each day truly exciting. 

3. Thank you, parents...

Thank you notes from teachers_Bored Teachers 3

...for putting silent letters and unnecessary Ys into your child's name. This Bachelor's degree did not involve a single course on the many variations of Aidynn, Aydinn, and Ayden I would encounter, but I'm forever indebted to you for your creativeness in child naming. I'll be adding "professional name  decipherer" to the list of endorsements on my certificate. 

4. Thank you, recess temperature restrictions...

Thank you notes from teachers_Bored Teachers 4 

Above 40* and below 95* gives us here in the South almost a solid month (November) of recess opportunities in the first semester of school. Unless it's raining. 

5. Thank you, state education agency...

Thank you notes from teachers_Bored Teachers 5 

...for having testing windows coincide with allergy season. I'm onto you. I feel certain Kleenex and Germ-X are sending you kickbacks. But, thanks for the opportunity to spend a solid 4 hour testing period (and lunch!) trapped in a box with a snot germ to person ratio at a bajillion:1. 

6. Thank you, parent-teacher conference night...

Thank you notes from teachers_Bored Teachers 6 

...for being the one night in October scarier than Halloween. While some might think spending a crisp fall evening outdoors around a campfire is a pleasant experience, we teachers much prefer spending it inside a classroom making realizations that the apple never falls far from the tree. 

7. And finally, thank you, teaching profession...

 Thank you notes from teachers_Bored Teachers 7

...for being an enigma. You give me the opportunity to simultaneously loathe a million little things about you, and yet love 22 very special little "things" that make it all worth it. 


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  • Srsly on

    Yes, the name thing can be seen as a microaggression, particularly if the names tend to skew African-American. I’m also concerned with the number of teachers here who don’t know how to spell “aggression”. With spell check.

  • b smith on

    90% of the “cute” spellings I come across – and often remark upon – are from lily white students. Kate needs to chill; not everything is racial, cultural, or a micro anything!

  • Sandra on

    I have plenty of white children in my classes whose parents think they’re clever with the oddly spelled names. I think you may be taking things a tad too personally, Kate.

  • Joan on

    I WISH it were only 22!! What state did the writer live in???

  • Jacqui on

    Get a life! After 35 years of teaching, let me tell you something: if we didn’t laugh about it, we’d end up in an asylum. It’s a way of working through all the daily crap.

  • Christy on

    Seriously, Kate….it’s a joke. I’ve been teaching for 29 years…believe me when I say the kids sometimes make fun of their OWN names and spellings. Really, “microagression”…wow

  • Mary on

    RELAX ABOUT “CULTURALLY INSENSITIVE” ON THE NAME SPELLING! Lord… It’s not always about RACE!! I am white, irish, catholic and my daughter’s name is Kaleigh. LOL! “WE” do it too. Seriously… it was funny!

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