26 Genius Classroom Hacks to Save Teachers Money

26 Genius Classroom Hacks to Save Teachers Money

Teachers are always looking for clever ways to organize and decorate their classrooms on tight budgets. Well these ideas taken from various teacher blogs absolutely nailed the concept of classroom hacks for teachers on a budget! After all, "Teachers best resources are each other"! Follow the links under each photo to see more details about each classroom tip.

1. Glue pom-poms to the caps of dry-erase markers to create cute and easy-to-use erasers.classroom hacks bored teachers 1

via Fifth Grade Frenzy

2. Soak your glue tops in some vegetable oil to unclog them from all that hardened glue that builds up!

classroom hacks bored teachers 2classroom hacks bored teachers 3

via What the Teacher Wants

3. Awesome idea for refining students motor skills! Give them a wet paintbrush and have them trace letters and patterns on a chalkboard.classroom hacks bored teachers 4

via Kingdom First Homeschool

4. For the price of those Starbucks iced lattes, you might as well find a way to reuse the cups! They make great paint & paintbrush holders, and minimize the mess.classroom hacks bored teachers 5

via Michelle's Journal Corner

5. Use coloured popsicle sticks and some googly eyes to make these cute guided reading sticks for beginner-level readers!classroom hacks bored teachers 6

via Clever Classroom

6. Christmas is just around the corner! Check out this idea, using kitchen sponges cut into different shapes to paint adorable gift bags!

classroom hacks bored teachers 7classroom hacks bored teachers 8

via The Teacher Next Door

7. Don't throw away those dried-up markers just yet! Take off the caps and soak them upside-down in water to make your own watercolors to paint with!classroom hacks bored teachers 9

via acquiringexpensivehobbies.blogspot.com

8. Use printable magnetic paper for all kinds of activities on the whiteboard (or an old cookie sheet)!classroom hacks bored teachers 10

via Education to the Core

9. Use a hot glue gun to stick thumbtacks to clothespins, and then hang artwork, or papers with no names on the bulletin board without poking holes in them!classroom hacks bored teachers 12classroom hacks bored teachers 11

via Create-abilities

10. Up-cycle your hand soap containers by filling them with paint for less mess & easy use during class!classroom hacks bored teachers 13 

via pinterest.com

11. Use multi-color sticker dots to label students' desks, and make it easier to break students into groups or assign tasks.classroom hacks bored teachers 15

via Owl-ways Be Inspired

12. Keep track of your supplies by labelling them with sticker dots. It's a great sensory motor activity for kids, as well!classroom hacks bored teachers 16classroom hacks bored teachers 17

via Joy in 6th

13. Use a clothes rack and pants hangers to store and have easy access to different visual aids and poster-activities!classroom hacks bored teachers 18

via Simply Kinder

14. Everyone has one of these nasty-looking plastic crayon baskets that looks like this. Well, go get yourself a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and just like magic, it will come out looking brand-NEW!

classroom hacks bored teachers 19 classroom hacks bored teachers 20

via Time 4 Kindergarten

15. We've all suffered trying to open up those glue caps. Pro tip: Keep a nutcracker tool in your classroom and give your fingers a break! 

classroom hacks bored teachers 21

via Real Simple

16. Use painter's tape on the whiteboard for kids to practice their handwriting!classroom hacks bored teachers 22

via memosfromamultisensoryteacher.blogspot.com

17. Don't throw away those old broken crayons! Put them into any kind of baking mold, pop them in the oven for 15-20 minutes, and when they cool off, you have new crayons in fun new shapes that the kids will love!

classroom hacks bored teachers 24  classroom hacks bored teachers 23

via rustyandrosy.com

18. Pro-tip: Soaking crayons in water helps to easily remove the paper wrapping before trying #17!classroom hacks bored teachers 27

via 4herreras.blogspot.com

19. Don't wanna rip the paint off your classroom walls? Use painters tape with double-sided tape or hot glue gun on top, to hang stuff.

 classroom hacks bored teachers 25    classroom hacks bored teachers 26

via picnicsunderthemoon.com & thefirstgradeparade.blogspot.com

20. Let's face it, when we ask kids to sit in a circle, it NEVER ends up looking like a circle! Use colored velcro on carpets (or tape on floors) to make it easier to keep your circle looking like a circle!classroom hacks bored teachers 28

via Pursuit of Joyfulness 

21. If you don't want to spend the money on dry-erase lapboards, old DVD cases can also do the trick!classroom hacks bored teachers 29

via Classroom DIY

22. Keeping your dry-erase markers upside down, either in a cup or with velcro on the board for easy access, will help them last a lot longer!dry erase marker hack bored teachers

Find this mug HERE!

classroom hacks bored teachers 30

via Lucky Little Learners

23. Use your left over Easter egg dye to color wooden clothespins for bulletin boards and organizing papers!

via blogger.comclassroom hacks bored teachers 31

via Clutter-Free Classroom

24. Take a clean glue cap and put it on a small paint container so students can write with paint!classroom hacks bored teachers 32

via Amy New Nostalgia

25. Make these awesome Bead Racks for Math class using only elastic string, colored beads, and rectangular-cut pieces of cardboard!classroom hacks bored teachers 33

via The Brown Bag Teacher

26. Make your own paint with just a cup of salt, a cup of flour, a cup of water and some food coloring. Put them in condiment bottles for easy use.classroom hacks bored teachers 14

via Get Your Mess On


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