24 Amazing File Cabinet Ideas For Your Classroom

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Feeling the itch to get crafty? Take an old filing cabinet from your classroom and spruce it up with some of these awesome ideas. And voilà, your classroom just got a sweet upgrade!

1. You can't go wrong with a polka dotted file cabinet. All you need is your favorite color paint!

File Cabinets1_Bored TeachersVia: Pinterest

2. Chalkboard File Cabinet!

File Cabinets2_Bored Teachers

Learn how to make it here: Design Improvised!

3. Upcycle an old filing cabinet. Add some wood at the top and make it look just like a vintage piece of furniture.

File Cabinet3_Bored TeachersVia: 320 Sycamore

4. Use duct tape or washi tape on the edges of your file cabinet for a whole new sharp look.

File Cabinet4_Bored TeachersVia: My Own Twist on Things

5. Use light blue spray paint and state/metro/country maps to transform these eye sores into cute sister state storage!

File Cabinet5_Bored Teachers

File Cabinet5-2_Bored TeachersLearn how to make them here: QuarDecor

6. Spray Paint and Contact Paper Makeover!

File Cabinet6_Bored TeachersVia: Sew Much Music

7. Vintage File Cabinet with Mid-Century Legs Makeover

File Cabinet7_Bored TeachersVia: Lovely Chaos

8. Attribute a different color to all different tables. Table group jobs become much easier!

File Cabinet8_Bored TeachersVia: mrsleeskinderkids.blogspot.com

9. Mod podge wrapping paper to your file cabinet and give your classroom a whole new look!

File Cabinet9_Bored TeachersVia: Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten

10. Newspaper Vintage File Cabinet

File Cabinet10_Bored TeachersVia: Home Talk

11. Motivational File Cabinet With Spray Paint

File Cabinet11_Bored TeachersVia: I Heart Planners

12. Use strips of duct tape (or mod podge) and scrapbook paper, to transform an ugly file cabinet into an super cute one!

File Cabinet12_Bored TeachersVia: Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten

13. Dress up your file cabinet with washi tape and label each drawer for a full effect!

File Cabinet13_Bored TeachersVia: Glitter and Glue 4 K-2

14. Use the back of your file cabinet to hang some cute "helpers cards", "Alphabets" "Anchor charts" etc. The extra vertical space is always useful in a classroom!

File Cabinet14_Bored TeachersVia: The First Grade Made

15. Beautiful & fun, steel craft file cabinet!

File Cabinet15_Bored TeachersVia: Etsy

16. Because everybody loves rainbow file cabinets!

File Cabinet16_Bored TeachersVia: Pinterest

17. Transform your file cabinets into an adorable reading nook for the classroom!

File Cabinet17_Bored TeachersVia: Good House Keeping

18. Turn two file cabinets into another display area!

File Cabinet18_Bored TeachersVia: Just Reed

19. Combine a few file cabinets with an old wooden table top to create this awesome countertop space

File Cabinet19_bored TeachersLearn how to make it here: Little Gray Table

20. All you need is spray paint and painter's tape to make this beauty!

File Cabinet20_Bored Teachers

Learn how to make it here: Pretty Providence

21. Match your file cabinets to your "commode" for a cuteness overload!

File cabinet21_Bored TeachersVia: Pinterest 

22. Use spray paint and your favorite stencils to make this adorable file cabinet.

File Cabinet22_Bored TeachersLearn how to make it here: The Happy Housie

23. If you're not the most crafty person, then colored spray paint might be your best bet!

File Cabinet23_Bored TeachersLearn how to make it here: Saddle Up for 2nd Grade

24. A coat of chalkboard paint makes labelling your drawers easy!

File Cabinet24_Bored TeachersVia: Mox & Fodder

Do you have some awesome file cabinets in your classroom? Send in your photos to info@boredteachers.com for a chance to be featured!

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