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20 Awesome Christmas Crafts For Teachers in December

 'Tis the season of holiday crafts! By now, everyone should have their Christmas trees up, just waiting for those awesome DIY ornaments to fill their branches with charm. So, we put together a list of some of the cutest DIY ornaments, as well as other fun holiday activities for you to use in the classroom. Let us know which ones are your favorites! Or better yet, if you have some activities of your own, share them with us to be featured in a future blog.

1. Popsicle stick ornaments

2. All kinds of paper plate crafts

3. More popsicle stick fun

4. Thumbprint finger-painted Santa & Reindeer

5. Candy cane + marshmallow snowmen

6. Snow man mason jar candle holder

7. Pom pom picture frame ornament

8. Popsicle stick Christmas Trees

9. Santa's majestic beard!

10. Colourful candy cane reindeer

11. Mini donut snowmen

12. Stained Glass Nativity

13. Santa's candy sleigh

14. Candy cane reindeer with pipe cleaner antlers 

15. Candy cane felt Christmas tree ornament

16. Make your students into Elves on the Shelves!

17. Toilet paper roll Gingerbread man

18. Bottle cap snowman ornaments

19. Sock-stuffed Snowmen

20. Crazy hair penguin!


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