19 Hilarious Things Teachers Do When No One Is Watching

19 Hilarious Things Teachers Do When No One Is Watching


As a way to alleviate stress for both the students and the teachers during testing season, the teachers at this middle school in Carthage, Missouri put together one of the funniest teacher videos ever. It is a take on some of the stereotypical things people think about teachers. Using that to their advantage, they came up with some "tongue-in-cheek" situations to act out, combined them with some of the behaviors they've caught their students doing, and created one HILARIOUS video. Check out the clips in the list below and watch the full video at the end!

"Seeing teachers act out the way the kiddos do, is a little shocking to the students but they really enjoyed it." -Angel Ambrosius, Teacher/video-creator

1. 5th Grade Teachers

chair racing teachers - Bored Teachershallway chair racing teachers - Bored Teachers

2. Principal

sliding rails principal - Bored Teacherssliding rails principal - Bored Teachers

3. 6th Grade Teacher

piano toes teacher - Bored Teacherspiano toes teacher - Bored Teachers

4. 5th Grade Teachers

napping on desks - Bored Teachersnapping on desks - Bored Teachers

5. 5th Grade Teacher

eating students lunches - Bored Teacherseating students lunches - Bored Teachers

6. 6th Grade Teacher

teacher lost and found - Bored Teachersteacher lost and found - Bored Teachers

7. Reading Teacher

hand prints on windows - Bored Teachershand prints on windows - Bored Teachers

8. 5th Grade Teacher

singing in the rain on the roof - Bored Teacherssinging in the rain on the roof - Bored Teachers

9. Literacy Coach

meditating on the playground - Bored Teachersmeditating on the playground - Bored Teachers

10. 5th Grade Teacher

dancing in the halls - Bored Teachersdancing in the halls - Bored Teachers

11. Special Ed Teacher

run in the halls - Bored Teachersrun in the halls - Bored Teachers

12. Custodian

sniffing the school supplies - Bored Teacherssniffing the school supplies - Bored Teachers

13. Art Teacher

jogging with scissors - Bored Teachersjogging with scissors - Bored Teachers

14. 5th Grade Teacher

disney music avoid adulating - Bored Teachersdisney music avoid adulating - Bored Teachers

15. Assistant Principal

bigger office principal - Bored Teachersbigger office principal - Bored Teachers

16. 6th Grade Teacher

teacher hates apples - Bored Teachersteacher hates apples - Bored Teachers

17. Media Specialist

hiding new books - Bored Teachershiding new books - Bored Teachers

18. Counselor

re-shelve books by cuteness - Bored Teachersre-shelve books by cuteness - Bored Teachers

19. I.S.S. Teacher

ignore the superintendent - Bored Teachersignore the superintendent - Bored Teachers

Watch the full video below!



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