18 Interview Questions Every New Teacher Should Be Asked

18 Interview Questions Every New Teacher Should Be Asked

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This article was written by Andy McCall. Andy is in his 9th year teaching, and does everything to honor his little girl, Penelope, who passed last year. Check him out on his Blog or on Facebook: Penelope's Path.


At this time of year, new teachers are graduating from college with a sense of getting their first job. It’s an exciting time for all when they think of the color coordinated name tags and wall hangings, the perfectly aligned desks, and the TPT or Pinterest activities they’ve collected through their undergrad. They buy a nice new outfit for their interview, come prepared to answer what pedagogy they believe in, tell about their strengths, and what they plan to do to help their students succeed.

So I came up with a few questions that new teachers should be asked if other experienced teachers had a say in the interviews. Just for fun!

1. What are your views on wine? (if none, tell them to leave quietly)unacceptable gif_Bored Teachers

2. How many bottles of wine have you finished without even using a glass?wine bottle gif_Bored Teachers

3. How much coffee do you need to start your day? (if none, please leave quietly, you aren’t human)coffee_Bored Teachers

4. Do you cook? If yes, do you bring leftovers for just you or everyone?pizza_Bored Teachers

5. What song do you listen to before you pull up to school?singing in car_Bored Teachers

6. Have you liked Bored Teachers on Facebook?love it gif_Bored Teachers

7. Describe your attire for Casual Friday.pajamas_Bored Teachers

8. What’s an acceptable amount of chocolate to eat at once?chocolate_Bored Teachers

9. Which is worse?  Putting Skittles in an M&Ms bowl, or not filling up the coffee pot in the teacher lounge?angry_Bored Teachers

10. Have you ever finished a Monopoly game peacefully?

11. What are your views on Fidget Spinners? (if they pause or say anything but "They are Satan’s toys", ask them to leave)hate them gif_Bored teachers

12. Would you rather have 20 minutes in the Dollar Store with no budget, or 20 minutes alone during planning time, with no interruptions?

13. How long is too long on the playground?  (anything other than "never too long" is unacceptable)

14. You have 3 minutes to come up with a lesson plan that includes showing The Little Mermaid.

15. What do you do if a kid vomits in the room?  Keep teaching or vomit yourself?

16. Who is better: Bill Nye or Mrs. Frizzle?

17. You have 5 minutes before your principal walks into the room for an observation.  Do you give the kids a pep-talk or put the fear of God in them?pulp fiction gif_Bored Teachers

18. Pick one: uninterrupted lunch or no after-school activities?Bill Nye_Bored Teachers


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  • bebi

    I understand that this was a satirical post; but as someone who will be a new teacher in the fall, I was looking for legitimate articles on interview questions. I think tying this in with a helpful post for new teachers interviewing would be great in the future.

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