16 Teacher Hacks to Control the Cell Phone Madness in Class

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One of the most common distractions in school is the cell phone. With the Snapchat generation, social media, and all the games & apps available on a smartphone, kids are glued to these things. As if trying to get a teenager's attention wasn't hard enough, already! Now, we're competing with the high-tech tools of distraction, and it's not an easy battle. So here is a list of some ideas you can use to control the cell phone madness in your classroom. May the force be with you!

1. DIY "Cell Block"

Cellphone Jails1_Bored TeachersFind out how to make it here: PatCatan's

2. British Red PhoneBooth cubbies - for the crafty teachers out there!

Cellphone Jails10_Bored TeachersVia: Pinterest

3. Harry Potter-style Phone Prison

Cellphone Jails3_Bored TeachersVia: Pinterest

4. The "Phone Bank" filing cabinet

Cellphone Jails5_Bored TeachersYou can learn about this awesome "Phone Bank" here: The Stampede

5. The Distractions Box

Cellphone Jails5_Bored TeachersVia: Math We Can Use

6. The Cell Phone Parking Garage


7. Personal Zip-Pouch Cell Phone Organizers

Cellphone Jails13_Bored TeachersVia: Pinterest

8. "Cell Phone Day Care + Charge Station"

Cellphone Jails8_Bored TeachersVia: Pinterest

9. The American Lit Teacher's "Cell Phone Jail"

Cellphone Jails9_Bored TeachersVia: Pinterest

10. Cell Lock-Up (with a timer) - If opened before the time is up, the alarm sounds!

cell lock up

via Amazon

11. Dollar Store Plastic Bin with some black duct tape & VOILÀ!

Cellphone Jails15_Bored TeachersVia: Pinterest

12. Duct-Tape Parking Spaces on the whiteboard

Cellphone Jails12_Bored TeachersVia: Pinterest

13. Numbered Classroom Pocket Chart for Cell Phones from Amazon

numbered pocket chart

Buy HERE it on Amazon!

14. Thrift Shop Furniture Find!

Cellphone Jails14_Bored TeachersVia: Belgian Cowboys

15. Anti-Cheat Technique - The easy & simple way!

Cellphone Jails11_Bored TeachersVia: Reddit

16. Roll Call made easy!

Cellphone Jails16_Bored TeachersVia: CheezeBurger

Have you created your own cell phone distraction solution in your classroom? Send your photos to info@boredteachers.com for a chance to be featured!

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