15 Teacher Luxuries You'll Find Hard to Believe Are Real

15 Teacher Luxuries You'll Find Hard to Believe Are Real
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It's no secret that the life of a teacher is far from luxurious. We didn't choose this profession to have an abundance of free time, a leisurely schedule, long lunch breaks, or a big paycheck. We choose to teach because we know how much of a difference we make, every day. We do it for our kids. We do it for those gratifying moments of watching a student grow. But with everything that we do, the simple pleasures in life become royal luxuries. Here are a few examples...

1. Chewing your food...

chewing bored teachersvia Giphy

2. Staying awake past 8:00 PM...

teacher luxuries bored teachers 2via Giphy

3. Sleeping without thinking...

teacher luxuries bored teachers 3via Giphy

4. Sitting down...

teacher luxuries bored teachers 4via Giphy/HBO Game of Thrones

5. Wearing comfortable clothes...

teacher luxuries bored teachers 5via Giphy 

6. Not having to choose between drinking water or coffee in the morning, for the sake of your bladder...

I teach tiny minds teacher mug bored teachers Buy this mug HERE!

7. Having money left after bills...

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8. Being treated like a qualified professional...

teacher luxuries bored teachers 8via Giphy 

9. Having outdoor recess...

teacher luxuries bored teachers 9via Giphy/TV Land Teachers Series

10. Opening inbox without emails from helicopter parents...

teacher luxuries bored teachers 10via Giphy

11. Not having to set an alarm...

teacher luxuries bored teachers 11via Giphy

12. Reading a book not written for children...

teacher luxuries bored teachers 12via Giphy

13. Enjoying five minutes of silence...

teacher luxuries bored teachers 13via Giphy 

14. Speaking for more than 5 minutes without being interrupted...

teacher luxuries bored teachers 14via Giphy/TV Land Teachers Series

15. Taking sick days off... (yes, sadly)

teacher luxuries bored teachers 15

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Watch the video version below:



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  • Linda

    A second grader was clutching his crotch. He said, “I have a hole in my pants.”
    “Don’t show it to me!” I shrieked.
    All the boys started laughing.
    He kept pulling on the hole in his pants.
    I shouted to him, “Keep your hands off of it! You’re going to make it bigger!”
    All of the boys fell off their chairs and rolled on the floor in laughter. 😂

  • J Pearson

    Taking a sick day without having to do twice as much work as you’d have to do if you were there. And then not having to deal with it when you get back!!!

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