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13 Humbling Images of Classrooms Around The World

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Award winning photographer Steve McCurry has a talent for capturing the colours and emotions of each and every culture he travels to shoot. These powerful shots show the true power of education and that learning is the key to change, no matter the quality of facilities!

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." – Nelson Mandela

1. Ethiopia

Classroom Bored Teachers
Photography by Steve McCurry

2. Afghanistan

Classrooms Bored Teachers 2
Photography by Steve McCurry

3. Mali

Classrooms Bored Teachers 3
Photography by Steve McCurry

4. Kashmir

Classrooms Bored Teachers 4
Photography by Steve McCurry

5. Kandze, Tibet

Classrooms Bored Teachers 5
Photography by Steve McCurry

6. Afghanistan

Education Bored Teachers 6
Photography by Steve McCurry

7. Sri Lanka

Education Bored Teachers 7
Photography by Steve McCurry

8. Lebanon

Classrooms Bored Teachers 8
Photography by Steve McCurry

9. Refugee Camp, Peshawar, Pakistan

Classrooms Bored Teachers
Photography by Steve McCurry

10. Bamiyan, Afghanistan

Classrooms Bored Teachers 10
Photography by Steve McCurry

11. Fiji

Classrooms Bored Teachers 11
Photography by Steve McCurry

12. India

Classrooms Bored Teachers 12
Photography by Steve McCurry

13. Bosnia

Classrooms Bored Teachers 13
Photography by Steve McCurry

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