15 Ways You Know You're A Teacher On Summer Break

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1. Your alarm clock has been turned off until September.

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2. You have absolutely no idea what day of the week it is. Wednesday? Saturday? It's all the same. It doesn't matter. And it's GREAT!

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3. Your current wardrobe consists of nothing but beach & gym clothes - yoga pants, flip-flops, swimsuits and old T-shirts from college, but you don't work out.

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4. You're making your non-teacher friends jealous on Facebook with your weekday beach and hammock pictures. 

5. Only your teacher friends know that in those 'relaxing on the beach' snapshots, you're actually writing notes about your lesson plans for next year.

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6. When you're not posting those vacay-photos on FB, you're scouring Pinterest at least once a day to find cool ideas for your classroom.

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7. Wine seems to taste so much better, with pretty much every meal...and just by itself!

I teach what's your excuse? wine glass_Bored Teachers

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8. It took a couple weeks, but you're finally able to answer to people who ask you questions without raising their hand first.

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9. You've spent a good chunk of money on eating delicious meals every day. Two months of freedom from cafeteria food!

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10. It's been weeks since you spoke in your "teacher voice".

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11. The only angry parent you've talked to recently is your own. 

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12. If you're stuck with one of those nine- or 10-month payrolls, those old college ramen noodles have become a staple of your diet, again.

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13. But if you're the full year salary  teacher, then you're sipping on your cocktail watching that money deposited into your account, while you kick back poolside with a book.

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14. You find yourself wondering about your former students. Are they having a fun summer break? Will they be ready for next year? They better be reading some books!

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15. Come August, you start to get the itch to buy school supplies, make seating charts, and brainstorm amazing lessons.


But while we try to hide it with our selfies and casual wardrobes, deep down everyone knows that even though teachers have summers off, teaching is never really off our minds!

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  • Linda

    I’ve been retired since 2007, and I still am thinking what would be good for my students.

  • Nancy

    I’m retired and I still do most of these things.

  • Carol

    Too funny, too true!
    I literally laughed out loud…while sitting at the beach!

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