11 Weirdest Things Teachers Have Ever Confiscated

11 Weirdest Things Teachers Have Ever Confiscated

We asked teachers what were the strangest things they have ever confiscated in their classrooms. Some of the responses were literally unbelievable. We put together a list of the funniest and weirdest ones. Enjoy!

1. "After hearing a girl scream in the middle of class one day, I asked what happened. She told me that one of the boys touched her with a 'giant booger ball.' She wasn't kidding... A couple of the boys were having a contest over who could stick the most boogers together into a massive booger ball. Disgusting!" -Mrs. J.

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2. "One time, I walked into a study hall and found 2 boys hysterically laughing, while hitting each other with something. I told them to break it up and give me whatever they were using to hit each other. It was 2 fluorescent pink dildos. I can't even tell you how embarrassed the mother was, when she had to come into school to retrieve them." -Ron P., Fifth Grade 

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3. "During class one day, a student looked like he was texting under his desk. When I approached him to ask for the phone, I noticed he was rolling a f'n joint in my class!" -Carol A.

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4. "I once walked in the girl's bathroom and found a female student selling her mother's diamond engagement ring to another student. That was one awkward phone call home to mom..." -Miss A.

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5. "I had a high school student bring in a live octopus in a plastic jar. When I caught him showing his friends, he told me he was planning on putting it in one of the school urinals." -Mr. Bobweirdest things confiscated bored teachers 5

6. "One day after school, I ran into a couple of my students in the hallway acting suspicious, hiding something behind their backs. After some resistance, they handed it over. It was a plastic bag, in which the 2 boys had pooped. Apparently, they were going to leave it in their friend's locker overnight, as a prank!" -Mrs. G., Principalweirdest things confiscated bored teachers 6

7. "I once confiscated an authentic Japanese sword, sharp enough to cut through bone. It belonged to the student's father, who was a trained Karate master." -English Teacher in Japan

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8. "Caught 2 students smoking from something behind school. It was a homemade pipe, made out of an apple. Needless to say, I definitely confiscated it.-Mr. Al, Phys. Ed Teacher

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9. "One day, the class clown brought in a universal remote and programmed it to the classroom TV. He kept turning it on during the middle of class. Long story short, I figured it out pretty quickly.-Monica L.

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10. "One of my students had a dead fish in his book bag. He had gone fishing before school and didn't think it would start to smell by the end of the day... He was wrong!Harold D., High School Teacher in Florida

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11. "Once, I walked in the boy's bathroom and caught kids taking shots of something. When I made them hand over whatever it was they were drinking, it wasn't alcohol. It was a bottle of snake blood! One of the boy's dads had just returned from a trip to Thailand. Quite the souvenir!-Frank T.

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What's the weirdest thing you've ever confiscated? Share with us in the comments, to be featured in our next blog!


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  • Pat McGregor

    A bloody hunting knife brought in by a 5th grade boy, a baby raccoon in a very small birdcage, 4 frogs in a cool whip dish, and a worm farm also in a cool whip dish.

  • JBinFL

    1st year teaching K , after many years in 5th grade. Students around the carpet and I could tell something was up… Next thing I know teacher from next door comes in and ask for a certain boys backpack. Apparently the hubbub was in her room too, the boy have been bragging about it since the bus ride to school.. Sure enough there was a gun in the kindergarteners backpack. it was pink in almost looked fake…. It was a pellet gun which are not as dangerous as some guns but definitely could put an eye out. Principal confiscated it called the parents made them come get it, I felt like more should have been done toward the parents but basically it was swept under the rug. Also same here kindergarteners found a condom on the playground and blew it up like a balloon. I really hope it wasn’t used I don’t know I didn’t investigate too much just ask them to quickly put it in the garbage…

  • L.Thomas

    A student brought in her mother’s pregnancy test for show and tell. She wanted to share with the other students how her mom knew she was pregnant because it was in her pee. You can imagine how shocked her mother was when I contacted her to come and pick it up.

  • Jeanne

    First year as a teacher, had a second grader with a Playboy centerfield. Called home to tell embarrassed Mom. Five minutes later the dad called to ask who was the centerfold. As this was a Catholic school and I was standing in the front office , I had to answer this question in front of my principal, a Franciscan nun. "Ummm..she likes sunshine and gates phonies… " yikes. .

  • Mrs. L

    We’ve had several crazy incidents. Two of the most rememberable was a pre-kindergartener brought a flask in his lunch kit, we didn’t notice it until he started drinking out of it. Thankfully it was just water! The second, my friend was getting a kindergarten student out of a car in the morning and his backpack was open and she saw mom’s breast enhancement pills in his backpack. She discreetly took them out and left them in the car.

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