10 Ways To Spot a Teacher in Public

10 Ways To Spot a Teacher in Public
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There are a few telltale signs that someone is a teacher. So if you see anyone showing any of these signs, either stay out of their way or lend a friendly smile. There's a good chance they had a rough day. If you're a teacher yourself, you know exactly what we're talking about!

1. You might catch them pushing in random chairs at restaurants...

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2. They're probably carrying multiple bags filled with books, papers, tissues, notebooks, and other school supplies...

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3. They might be using their teacher voice unintentionally...

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4. One of their hands is more than likely occupied by a large-sized caffeinated beverage... 

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5. Dark circles of pure exhaustion can be seen under their eyes...

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6. They may have stickers placed in random places all over their body...

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7. Glitter can be found in their hair and under their fingernails...

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8. They're the only person around using a pencil to hold their hair up...

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9. They are most likely performing some impossible act of multitasking...

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10. They are constantly disinfecting their hands and everything they touch...

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What else can help you spot a teacher in public? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Katie Jessee

    She may say…"anyone need to use the restroom before we leave …to adults.

  • Christy

    When u hear them telling other kids in public places to stop running down the hall or to play nicely. Guilty of both

  • Amber Sinclair

    You know they’re a teacher when they use a really calm and quiet voice at customer services when you know they’re really mad and they want to be screaming

  • Jessica

    I saw a lady in the check out line buying clipboards and expo dry erase markers. I knew she was a teacher!

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